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The Online Course You Need to Succeed at Public Speaking

On-demand videos that will show you how to get Paid to Speak!

Unlock your earning potential and skyrocket your income with this step-by-step course on how to get paid to speak. 

What's waiting for you inside the course...

33 Video Lessons packed with simple, no-fluff speaker training, such as: 

  1. Welcome to Paid to Speak (4:11)
  2. Advanced Speaking Techniques (13:13)
  3. Creating Your Website (11:44)
  4. Creating Your Speaker Video (5:25)
  5. Creating the Perfect One-Pager (6:40)
  6. Becoming an Expert Marketer (5:51)
  7. Sales Conversations that Work (9:40)
  8. Prospecting and Lead Generation (9:20)
  9. Back of the Room Sales (5:48)
  10. Money and Banking Account (2:22)
  11. Pricing Part 1 (7:01)
  12. Pricing Part 2 (4:31)
  13. Pricing Part 3 (4:05)
  14. On the Road (4:37)
  15. Family on the Road (1:57)
  16. Favorite Airline (1:18)
  17. Favorite Car Rental (0:56)
  18. Who Books Your Flights (0:55)
  19. Burnout (1:20)
  20. Make the Event Planner the Hero (4:12)
  21. Recommendations and Referrals (4:10)
  22. Speaker Bureaus (2:49)
  23. Adlibbing on Stage (3:11)
  24. Q&A (6:57)
  25. AV Gear (3:52)
  26. Introduction Script and AV Setup (8:03)
  27. Crafting the Perfect Story (4:53)
  28. Creating Multiple Topics (2:08)
  29. Coaching (1:30)
  30. Intermediate Speaking Example (17:51)
  31. Novice Speaking Example (17:16)
  32. Pro Speaking Example (11:52)
  33. Final Thoughts (1:29)

Fast track your success in public speaking with these powerful money making tools:

A 100+ Page Digital Workbook that corresponds with each video lesson to help you retain the speaker training as fast as possible! Also included in the digital workbook are:

  • Speaker Tools that provide high level points in each video lesson
  • Thinking Points that guide you in finding your unique speaking style
  • Your Notes that allow you to easily capture your point of view

Five Email Templates that will show you exactly what to say and when to send it. The email templates included are:

  1. Introduction email template
  2. Booking Instructions email template
  3. When Payment Has Arrived email template
  4. One Week Out email template
  5. Post Event Recommendation email template

A professional Speaker Proposal Template to assist you in securing your bookings with event planners. The speaker proposal included will show you how to:

  • Properly list the event name and date
  • Request payment
  • List your travel requirements
  • Lock in your event
  • Collect the appropriate signature(s)

Included for FREE is our Communicate Clearly online course! ($99 value)

Communicate Cleary includes 10 Video Lessons packed with easy-to-learn communication training, such as: 

  1. Welcome Aboard (1:55)
  2. Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking (6:09)
  3. Finding Your Topic (4:49)
  4. Storytelling 101 (7:14)
  5. Speaking to Your Audience (4:04)
  6. Appearance, Body Language and Tone of Voice (10:04)
  7. Feedback (5:00)
  8. Watching Other Speakers (3:12)
  9. Practice and Stage Etiquette (6:18)
  10. Wrap Up (2:25)

That totals 43 video lessons of high octane speaker training at your finger tips!

Two FREE bonuses waiting for you!* ($250 value)


Johnny Quinn was cut three times, lost 2.6 million dollars in NFL contracts and blew out his knee. Then he became an Olympian for the United States of America. From an NFL failure to a U.S. Olympian, Johnny’s “what’s next” attitude led him to success he never imagined. Johnny’s book equips us to embrace change, accept risk and learn to PUSH Through the Barriers, to live life on purpose.

(Johnny's book will give you an excellent insight into his messaging when he is hired to speak.)


  • A FREE 15-minute coaching call with Johnny Quinn to help kick-off your speaking platform!

As Johnny climbed the ranks in the Olympics and professional football, one thing he realized was the need for authentic coaching. An authentic coach is a person who has walked the path you are currently walking through AND they are willing to share the wisdom and knowledge they have gained to help you identify blind spots so you can flourish, faster!

 *The two FREE bonuses are a limited time offer. Johnny has set aside an allotment of books and once they are gone, the bonuses will be over. Don't miss out -- claim your bonuses before they run out!

Everything listed above is INCLUDED when you purchase the Paid to Speak online course!

The world needs to hear your message.

You should get paid to share it.

Unlock your earning potential and skyrocket your income with this step-by-step course on how to get Paid to Speak!

See you inside!


Question: What if I am not interested in building a speaking business? I am looking to improve my speaking skills so I am a better communicator at work.

Answer: You are still in the right place, the perfect fit for your goal will be our Communicate Clearly online course. Click here for Communicate Clearly only.



What People Are Saying:

“I've always had a vision and desire to speak and share my story, but I never really knew how to. Now, with the Paid to Speak online course, I am able to follow and implement a proven plan on how to craft my message, communicate it clearly, and get paid to share it. I am looking forward to the many speaking opportunities that lie ahead!”

Michael Streight, Member